Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Signs You're Underemployed (Or Why You Shouldn't Major in a Social Science)

Throughout my young adulthood, I have worked in almost every sector a 18 to 24 year-old with limited upper body strength can work. Currently, I am temporarily employed by unnamed campaign working for an unnamed local candidate. Generally, my work duties involve going to people's doors, asking them which candidate they support, then politely encouraging them to further investigate their preference if it's the other candidate. Sounds somewhat dignified, right? It isn't. Sadly, I have graduated from a respected university with a bachelor of science degree, and I find myself still woefully underemployed. These were the dead giveaways:

The only employment requirement is the ability to walk and ownership of a cell phone.  
After breaking my foot, I almost didn't even meet this requirement.

People face you with the same disdain usually reserved for a SWAT team invading their home or a bank employee informing them their house has been foreclosed.
Except for that one nice lady who invited me in and gave me a water bottle, I have been met mostly with unmasked hostility and some very colorful language.

You have to seriously calculate whether you are spending more commuting to work than you're being paid. 
But, really.

You Wonder if You Should "Forget" to List This Job on a Future Resume
Well, I guess in this case it depends on if this candidate wins or not... this is coming from the girl who still lists "dish washer" as employment.

There is no Dressing or Grooming Standard
One of my "Coworkers" came stumbling in the other day in an oversized jersey, sweatpants, and the overwhelming smell of alcohol and possibly an inexpensive brand of marijuana. I was wearing a sweater and wondering if my tennis shoes were too informal.

Now, I really am happy to have a job, no matter how sad it is. It's money, I'll take it. After scanning craigslist endlessly and wondering what exactly those creepy "sugar daddy" job posts are about, it's nice to get a response back and work a legitimate job. Hopefully my grad school saga will soon be over, and I'll find myself eventually qualified for and working a career. Until then, I can't wait to see what my next job is...