Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Contacts, Te Odio. Part Deux.

As some of you may be aware, I have had struggles recently when it comes to contacts, eyedrops, or really anything eye-related. Yes, even the mention of any of these things turns me into the world's biggest pansy (well, eyes and daddy-long leg spiders).

So, this brings us to Monday, October 17th. It began as a lovely, brisk autumn morning. Which I really didn't see much of, because I slept in until about 10. I determined that on that day I would proudly wear my contacts out, and actually be able to see my friends as I passed them on the street. After about 15 minutes devoted to each eye, the contacts were in.

It was wonderful, as I walked around with the glorious, beautiful fall foliage around me. But, alas, I forgot my eye drops. Not wanting to miss a second of this gorgeous day, I fought the urge to return home and retrieve the little green bottle. Eventually, as the day grew colder and I grew hungrier, I returned. I decided to just use the contact solution, because the likeliness of actually getting some in my eye was much higher. The right eye was fine, but then as I went into the left... something went wrong, terribly wrong. I rubbed my eye, as it was so horribly uncomfortable, and in the midst of all the contact solution and towel-eye rubbing, the contact went missing... or so I thought.

After spending a few hours of the night with just one contact in (as I learned, a terrible idea), I noticed my left eye was driving me nuts. The contact couldn't possibly be in there, could it?? After hearing that it actually could, I had several people try to look around in my eyelid for it. I started getting panicky- this was literally one of my worst nightmares (again, apart from being covered in daddy long legs). My roommates, who incidently all wear contacts, assured me that I would know if it was there, and all would be well. I slumbered peacefully for several hours, then a couple seconds after awaking felt that irritating sensation yet again.

I took a shower- the feeling was still there. I tried pouring in even more contact solution-still there. I looked up "contact stuck in eye" and tried everything the websites suggested. My poor eye was just even more irritated. Then, my wonderful, amazing roommate offers to give my eye another go. After 45 seconds of examining, there he was, lurking in the upper corner of my eyelid, that evil little contact. It took my roommate about 3 seconds to fish it out.

Moral of the story, don't ever rub your eyes with contacts in, and always make sure you have a calm, non-squeamish roommate around.

I know Bryant Milesi is laughing at me somewhere.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get By

This the title of the magnificent song rapped and produced by Talib Kweli, which spoke volumes to my angst-ridden 14 year old self when it was released in 2002. This give me the courage to press on, while facing nearly insurmountable odds just tryin to survive the vicious and perilous streets in the suburb of Carmichael. Somehow, I made it. Nearly 10 years later, I find this classic still has my back. Yes, Mr. Kweli, you understand the types of daily obstacles we can face. The grocery store running out of 2% milk (I'm sorry, but I think skim tastes like water), my freshly straightened hair resembling medusa after stepping into some rain sprinkles, burning my toast. This is merely a snippet of the degree of incredible trials I face on a given day. I know that Talib is critical to my daily survival. No amount of support from friends, family, or incredible life blessings could possibly surmount his empathetic crooning on how we just try to "get by".

If this song hasn't entered into your life yet, you need it to. Watch this video here if you haven't. (don't look up the normal version unless you want to hear a bit of cussing and several drug references). It will change you.