Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wake Me Up When September Ends Part 2

Septembers are a month of growth and learning. I reflected last year on knowledge I attained throughout the last month of Summer/ first month of fall, and this year I did the same.

1. Grad School is Hard.

Let me preface this with saying I am so glad I have to opportunity to be in school right now. However, I must note, at the going rate, I will end up as a crazy-person living in a van by the river by the end of the 3 years. With only cat puppets as my friends.

2. Pumpkin is as addicting as crack cocaine

To be fair, I've never had crack cocaine before, but I hardly believe that anyone could want anything as much as I want pumpkin right now. I need it. I will have it. Fortunately, nearly every product imaginable is currently available in pumpkin flavor. In fact, I really wouldn't be surprised if pumpkin flavored crack cocaine existed. And that would likely be the most addictive substance on the planet. At least pumpkin-crack-cocaine wouldn't make me gain as much weight as I'm bound to from my daily hits of pumpkin pastries and drinks.

3. We Are More Resilient Than We Think We Are

Whether it's a constant onslaught of cold-kidney stone-cold, hours of working at a job that sucks the life and happiness out of you (much like a dementor), a midterm that makes the Hunger Games look like musical chairs, random family health crises, or other random etc seemingly straight out of a soap opera, you can make it! I'm not necessarily claiming that any of these things have ever happened to me, but if they had, I could tell you it's surprisingly livable. All of this with Pretty Little Liars being on hiatus until January. That's pretty good, my friends.

4. You Can't Depend On a BYU Quarterback

You think you've finally found "the one". In the past, you've gotten your hopes up, only to be let down again. You promise yourself never again. After a series of fumbles and foul-ups, you have standards now. Then a new quarterback comes into your life (and onto the field) and dazzles you. Just when you think you can finally commit and have the season you've always dreamed of, you're disappointed again. All BYU needs is a kitty-quarterback, that would fall short of no one's expectations.