Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First 4 of the Top 10 reasons I think the world is ending

10. The Taco Bell around the corner from my house closed

I don't think any further explanation is needed. This is the actual Taco Bell before its sudden, unexpected demise.

9. The GRE was revised, and now I have to take the harder version.

Why did they have to take something long and pointless and make it even longer and more pointlessier?

8. Can you say earthquake?

Because, what if the tectonic plates really just have it out for one person who really likes to travel to Haiti, Chili, Japan, and around the U.S.?

7. Our Oak tree in our backyard fell down.

I'm gonna miss ya, buddy.
Right before the tree cutting crew took it down in March.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dreams Can Come True

So far, I have had an epic summer of unemployment, slip n slides, softball and ultimate frisbee game watching, bike rides, hikes, travelling, swimming, boating, concert attending, just dance playing, general adventuring, and dream fulfilling. I honestly think this may have been one of the most fun summers I have ever had. And I was able to do all of this even with my broken foot, injured thumb, and skiwampus left wrist. Amidst the last 733 days since the incident, I have dealt with a bizarre string of well recorded physical ailments. Does it make sense? No. Did I feel sorry for myself, alot? You betcha. But also, have I had the best darn 1.3 years of my life? Definitely.

Of course everything has not been candy canes and roses. I feel down every once and a while, like a normal person. Everyday drama and frustration is exacerbated by the limitations I now have to face. There are things I can never do again, and fortunately, the pain because of that has lessened significantly. I hate nothing more that being dependent, or asking for help, but I have been so blessed to be around some of the most giving people possibly on the planet.

Moving has been... a challenge. Before this last year, I had no idea how frustrating it can be to move something as small as a pile of blankets. I want to be able to help others with physical limitations, because until you go through it, you have no idea the amount of helplessness and vulnerability you can feel. I was in tears because I knew I couldn't do it by myself, and I had no idea who to turn to when my prayers were literally answered.

I am truly optimistic about the future now, which has been a bit of a process. I do not know much more than a couple months ahead, and even that is very open to change. At the very least, I know I am not homeless until next April and I am officially now a UVU (*edit USU) student. So, even though nothing is for certain, there is a hope that has come back. I really do know that things will work out, just maybe not in the time or way I had previously supposed. There always seems to be a reason for why things happen the way they do. Sometimes the things you hope and wish for really do come. Who knows, maybe Jimmer and I will run into each other in Sacramento, fall madly in love, and live happily ever after. It could happen.

edit: jimmer's engaged. never mind.