Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eighth Reason The World is Ending AKA Rest in Peace Arden Burger King

Thanks to google maps, the very Burger King to which I refer. 

In Remembrance:

Friends, we all have those days. The ones where your childhood illusions come crashing down into a pitfall of disappointment. When you realize Santa is really your parents, only .0000000000001% of the population can go to space, and that the ninja turtles are actually kind of lame (really, they just sit around all day with some old rat in the sewers eating pizza. really?)

Yes, today I have learned that the Burger King of my youth, formerly home to Sacramento's, nay the world's coolest play set has closed its grease smeared doors for the last time. This paragon of the rapid dining experience was the go-to establishment for the last minute snack-attack. After practice, before practice, or at two in the morning, you could get your Hershey's sundae pie, your bacon bbq burger, your Whopper. No, the fries weren't nearly as good as McDonalds', but dang, that was like a 7 minute drive away. I mean we could walk to Burger King (but let's be honest, we'd usually drive). In the summer, there was a choice between a cherry or Coca-Cola Icee, and you could pick whichever fountain drink flavor you wanted (or all of them at once). Yes, you suspected gang activity in the parking lot, and there was always that sketchy upholstery shop next door, which you know is fronting for something (there is no way that many people need their furniture upholstered). But, that just gave the place character. A character that is now lost to the world forever. I will snap a picture with my phone of your sad empty facade once I have a chance (I'll probably forget). RIP Burger King and my childhood.