Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April! Without the yellow jumpsuit.

And yes I'm talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In the style of obnoxious self aggrandizing holiday card updates, here are some of the highlights of this recent month.

First of all, can I just say, this has been a weird few weeks. Cray-cray is the best description. As many of my friends know, I am finishing up my pharmacy technician externship. Which concludes my 180 hours of unpaid hell. I mean heck. No, I really mean hell. It's become much more bearable, as I make fewer mistakes and begin to feel like a competent human being again. Plus wearing scrubs is so comfy. It's like going to work in your pajamas. Essentially a dream come true. 

I had a couple weird/scary personal things, but those have all hopefully passed. To whomever is sending me spammy/virusey emails with my sister's name and a link with vaguely threatening verbage, I think I know who you are. You actually used your name in the link. It's not sneaky.

I'm going to the U! Which is very exciting, although to be honest I still feel kinda dirty whenever I wear or even look at Ute paraphernalia. I can only hope that feeling will eventually go away. It makes me want to go and buy a BYU shirt to wear around everywhere. Hopefully I don't get mugged this next year. 

I'm done with my finals! Not that these classes really even matter that much, I just needed a 70%, and bear in mind, these classes were online. If you've ever taken online classes, you know that they are one of the biggest self esteem boosters on the planet (apart from tinder). 

So many of my friends are getting married/ finding the loves of their lives! It really does feel like things are starting to work out for a lot of us. I am right on track for my future cabin alone in the woods where I will be accompanied by dozens of cats and puppies. Could life be better? :)