Monday, January 2, 2012

5 Reasons to Look Forward to 2012

1. The cinematic masterpiece Thor was left wide open for a sequel. And until that glorious day arrives, we at least have the Avengers coming up this year. If fate really works our way, we'll get 2 more hours of the Green Lantern.

2. The construction project on the 15 will be done!! Meaning we'll be able to drive construction-free for at least 36 hours, until it starts again.

3. Celebrity Wife Swap with Gary Busey premiers this Tuesday, making all of us feel better about our own lives.

4. Someone will be elected president this year. Meaning we won't have to endure a long set of meaningless/hilarious primary debates for at least 3 more years. Plus there's still time for The Donald to jump into the race as an independent. We can only pray.

5. Worst case scenario: the world ends. We can only go up from there!