Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fifth Reason (Counting Down from 10) The World is Ending

6. Edie Lambert is no longer the main anchor for 6:30 news.
Now, if you lived in the Castillo household, you'd know why this travesty was unendurable. Not only have I heard about this nearly every time I've called home, now that I'm temporarily back here, I hear about it every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. Now, I'm amazed we survived the retirement of Dave and Lois. They are as much a part of the Sacramento life experience for my parents as Emigh's hardware or Raley's and Bel Air.

But yes, instead of Edie's soothing co-anchoring, we have to put up with Kellie MacMullan (DeMarco). Not only does this Kellie not hail from anywhere in the state of California, she also... (gasp)... has a smoker voice (according to my parents). Now, after hearing several descriptions of this lady who apparently looked like the finger-eating-big-haired woman from Mars Attacks, I had to see for myself. Sadly I had to agree. She is not Edie. Ok, so she loves to go visit the children's hospital with her puppy and fight against breast cancer. Is her name Edie Lambert? No. Automatically this means she intends on destroying every fabric of Sacramento normalcy. Even though Gulstan is relatively new, for some reason defying any transcending explanation, it doesn't feel off. Who did he even replace? Has he been here forever?

P.S. I've funnily enough been getting a lot of hits off of google from people googling "Edie Lambert vs Kellie Macmullan (DeMarco)" or "Kellie Macmullan (DeMarco) Edie Lambert".

Is Kellie MacMullan (DeMarco) a Smoker?
Well, now this is a new one I keep receiving google search hits from. Let us analyze... I apologize again that I do not have comments enabled.

- That husky voice
- She's from Colorado
- Smoker "aura"

Non Smoker?
- Pretty
- She's aged well
- She's never smoked on camera
- She doesn't like cancer
- Married (as of 11/24/12 at least)
- According to this reliable Yahoo! Answers question, posing a widely sought after inquiry "Does Kellie DeMarco smoke?" bgee2001ca says no.

Perhaps the world will never know.

UPDATE 6/11/12: I emailed KCRA asking if Kellie MacMullan smoked and received the eloquent response from one Anzio M Williams reading "no".

Just so everyone out there knows, I mean no offense to Kellie MacMullan (DeMarco). I just prefer Edie. I mean, I've basically been watching channel three news from when I was in the womb. As a whole, us Sacramentoeans don't handle change well. I mean, either Raleys and Bel Air brought Frank McMinn back or they found someone with an eerily similar voice to prevent a riot.

UPDATE 11/24/12: I have been made aware during my stay at home for Thanksgiving that Kellie MacMullan is now Mrs. Kellie DeMarco. I have added in her new last name to accurately reflect this. Congratulations to her and her new husband. 

Also, Edie sometimes anchors the news along with Kellie or with Gulstan. I have no idea what my parents were so worried about, apart from my mom and dad's continued assertion of "I don't know, I just don't like her".

UPDATE 1/1/14 I am home again for the holidays and have learned a great deal from my parents about their evolving opinion towards Mrs. DeMarco. Also, I have been getting many many search hits from "Kellie DeMarco Pregnant?". Firstly, my parents have started to take a greater liking to her. Especially when compared to Chris Riva, who clearly struggles. Also, secondly, my mom keeps turning to me when she's on the news and whispers 'do you think she's pregnant?'. I agree this is an immensely personal thing, but I have to conclude that she likely is. And congrats to her if she is. Or isn't. You know, either way it's cool.

UPDATE 7/10/2014 Based on the various conversations with my parents on their favorite topics of the drought, the Kings, and KCRA, I hear that Kellie DeMarco and Edie Lambert had weird twin pregnancies, and new babies! My parents aren't quite sure how they feel about the female fill-in.

UPDATE 11/25/2015 I am home again for Thanksgiving. Apparently Kellie has completely weaved her way into the hearts of my family. While watching the news tonight (both the 5 and 6 o'clock editions), there was an expression of mild acceptance. And compliments about her sweater choices.