Saturday, September 18, 2010


History 201 test? You've got it! Time to visit my glorious blog again! I'm also waiting for a baking experiment to be ready, so there is double need to procrastinate today.

Anyways, as I've mentioned before, my inner thoughts are so interesting and profound that I am actually doing the world a service by posting them on the internet.

I've been pondering lately on progress. In terms of my life (or yours, my one dear reader who stumbled upon my blog by mistake while looking for another Beth Castillo). Yes, I'm finally graduating for real this December, although I already quite magnificently fake-graduated back in April. I've been pretty much done with my major since April 2009 and have put off facing the real world for a while.

I'm sure it'll be filled with wonderful things, wonderful times, and wonderful people, but that doesn't really mean much to me now. There are things I want to do with my time; I want to find some way to make a positive difference in the lives of others, to actually help improve people's lives. But is that through pursuing my post-graduate goals? Through being a mom? (...eventually) Going on a mission? That's me being open and honest again, you lucky reader you.

I know I've grown and changed so much through both the good and bad experiences I've had. But I still don't know where I'll be in 3 months. Good thing that isn't scary. : )